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Private Jet Travel: Understanding the Options  


October 2003




Business aviation has to some degree always been a fairly complex, though immensely 
powerful, transportation solution. Paradoxically, today's offerings are in many ways more 
straightforward, less confusing and more flexible than traditional approaches. Yet our sense is 
that the proliferation of new methods of packaging business aviation has led to increased 
confusion in the market.  
The purpose of this Study has been to attempt to clear up some of this confusion, and provide 
the reader a sound foundation for deciding on a short list of program types that offer a good fit. 
A secondary purpose has been to identify the key attributes that might form the basis of the 
reader's further research and decision-making.  
While this Study has been sponsored by a fractional program;we have attempted to ensure that it is fair and accurate in its depiction of the 
various business aviation offerings. As said company has offerings in nearly all of these 
categories, they have shared this desire and have sponsored this Study in the interest of 
educating and informing consumers about the benefits of, and variations on, business aviation.  
We have attempted to avoid comparisons between specific companies and programs in the 
business aviation space, rather focusing on the broader categories involved. Inevitably, there 
will be exceptions to some of the general statements we have made, or new programs may 
come along that differ from those with which we are most familiar. Again, we have attempted to 
emphasize the common aspects within a type of service offering, and naturally have tended to 
rely on the specifics of the larger, well-known programs.  

Finally, we encourage the reader to obtain qualified advice and conduct appropriate research 
supporting your own purchase decisions.  The information contained in this Study is of a general 
nature, and might not be completely accurate, or current, with respect to any specific program. 
We hope, though, that it will serve as a useful point of reference for beginning such research.


"Chartering a plane, either directly from a charter company or through a charter broker, is often the most cost effective way to fly private."

Independent Source: Deloitte Private Wealth, Private aircraft: Flying private makes sense for those with the right information (page 20)
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