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4. Key Attributes 




Private Jet Travel: Understanding the Options  

October 2003 



4. KEY 


Chapter 3 of this Study provides an overview of the financial and operational 
aspects of the various business aviation service offerings.  But what issues tend 
to drive purchase decisions? Clearly, price is always a major factor, and we 
address that in the next chapter.  
In addition to price, and in order to facilitate comparisons across service 
offerings, we offer the following list of five Key Attributes that, though somewhat 
subjective, in our experience tend to drive consumers’ decisions among the 
business aviation categories: Commitment, Complexity, Consistency, Schedule 
Flexibility and Mission Flexibility. The table entitled “Attributes by Program” 
illustrates how the programs compare across each of the five key attributes.  For 
example, as the shaded bar is at the extreme “Low” end of the Commitment 
attribute for Charter, this indicates that Charter requires a low commitment level, 
compared to the other alternatives. 
Note also that the shaded bars in the table differ in length.  This is significant in 
two ways.  First, each bar represents the entire range of services offered by all 
the companies in a particular program category.  Some competitors may have a 
more robust or flexible program than others.  In this way, the shaded bar length 
represents the entire program category. 

Second, the bar length also captures the range of offerings that may be available 
within a program.  For example, ownership of a large jet would offer more usage 
flexibility than ownership of a light jet (i.e., transcontinental range) and one-
quarter Fractional shares usually offers an owner more flexibility than a one-
sixteenth owner is afforded.  In this way, the bars also capture the variation within 
program categories. 


Key Attributes: 













"Chartering a plane, either directly from a charter company or through a charter broker, is often the most cost effective way to fly private."

Independent Source: Deloitte Private Wealth, Private aircraft: Flying private makes sense for those with the right information (page 20)
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