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3. Program Characteristics 




Private Jet Travel: Understanding the Options  

October 2003 



In terms of service options, guarantees, and availability, Block Charter programs 
are similar to Fractional and Block-Frax.  The same issues (i.e., peak days, 
advance notice requirements, access to aircraft of different sizes, etc.) should be 
considered, as each program will offer different options. 
Key Areas to Consider When Evaluating Block Charter  

•  Dedicated fleet versus brokerage 
•  Regional versus national programs 
•  Audit policies 
•  Cost of inefficient versus efficient flights 
•  Probe for any “hidden” charges 


Expectations of consistency


"Chartering a plane, either directly from a charter company or through a charter broker, is often the most cost effective way to fly private."

Independent Source: Deloitte Private Wealth, Private aircraft: Flying private makes sense for those with the right information (page 20)
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